Rachel caddy


In 2014 I made a visual identity including a logo, an online portfolio and a business card for a photographer named Rachel Caddy. The purpose of this website was to promote Rachel Caddy’s work for her final year exhibition, and also in future job search. The client wanted an online portfolio that would make her appear as serious photographer. The target audience for this project is the people that comes to the exhibition, teachers, fellow students and potential employers from the industry.



Web- and graphic design


Responsive website - Rachel Caddy

“To describe my practice a bit more, I mix archival images with suburban scenes. I’m looking at religious oppression, stiflingly family environments, and a dreary kind of west Auckland existence. The project I’m creating this semester has quite a somber, slightly creepy, feeling. You could think of my work as a cross between William Eggleston and Christian Boltanski.“


Rachel Caddy

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