In the class Photographic Practices 1 we were assigned to hand in five images with a motive of our own choosing. The images were supposed to be either a sequence or a series. For this assignment my goal was to capture a sequence of the natural reaction of the face when it gets hit by water. I wanted the viewer to feel what the person in the image is expressing and feeling through facial expressions. The sequence is emotional, which is created by high contrast black and white photography. Although the water is the source that creates the emotion/expression, I wanted to remove the obvious (the water) from the frame, to leave the viewer wondering what could be creating that expression.


The images are built up by the three values: mysterious, reaction/expression and emotion.



Poster with image and type
First of five images - title: contraction
Second image of five images - title: contraction
Third of five images - title: contraction
Fourth of five images - title: contraction
Last image - title: contraction

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